A Stroll Through Capital Hill

Spring has sprung and we’re approaching the summer months very quickly here in Denver. Josh and I decided one gorgeous Spring day to take a stroll through the neighborhood and take some photos along the way. We try to take advantage of the weather whenever we can by walking around outside, which is quite often. There are numerous restaurants, clubs, bars, stores, and concert venues, which make living in Capitol Hill very appealing and convenient for getting around.

Just a mile from Downtown, the Capitol Hill neighborhood is a well-established, developed, residential neighborhood, with some of the oldest single-family homes in the city. Capitol Hill is Denver’s most densely populated neighborhood. It was once the home of Denver’s elite and origination of American Foursquare architecture. Today it consists of historic mansions, apartments and condo buildings. The area is strongly influenced by its proximity to the Colorado State Capitol (hence the name of the neighborhood).

Capitol Hill is one of the most cosmopolitan neighborhoods in Denver, well-known as a haven for artists and bohemians, as well as a “hipster” neighborhood. Colfax Avenue has a reputation for a wild nightlife with two concert venues, The Fillmore and The Ogden, and numerous late-night bars, coffee shops, restaurants, stores and clubs on the street.
The affordability, urban character and eclectic architecture made the area appealing to young bohemians, artists, and musicians (Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg were former neighborhood residents), which has led to a gradual gentrification that reached its height during the 2000s. The rents in the neighborhood have increased significantly over the past decade, and many of the cheap apartments in the area have been converted into more expensive condominiums.
Playboy magazine once labeled Colfax as “the longest wickedest street in America.

This photo is of the Stoiber-Reed-Humphreys Mansion (a.k.a. Stoiberhof). Located at 1022 Humboldt Street. It was designated by the National Register of Historic Places as a landmark on December 29, 1978. It is one of only five existing homes in Denver of this grand size and quality. The house is notable for its majestic scale, exterior and interior. The old mansion is structured on the western end of Cheesman Park and this area of Denver, Colorado is said to be haunted according to several writings.

Original owner, Ed Stoiber died in 1906 and his late wife, Lena Stoiber, married Hugh R. Rood, a wealthy businessman from Seattle in 1909. Hugh Rood died during a return trip from Europe in 1912 in the sinking of the Titanic.

The Doud House; most noted for various events connected with Mamie and President Eisenhower. Mamie Eisenhower lived in this house from 1906 until 1916, as her parents, John and Elivera Doud, were the original owners of the home. The Eisenhowers were married in the first floor music room on July 1, 1916. Their son, John Eisenhower was born in Denver on August 3, 1922, while Mamie was living in the house. The Eisenhowers vacationed many times and stayed with their in-laws, so along with Lowry Air Force Base the house came to be known as the Summer White House. President Eisenhower had his heart attack in the house on September 23, 1955, and he was treated at Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Aurora, Colorado.

As mentioned above, Capital Hill is home to many Denver artists. This scarecrow was found on a street corner near an alley-way.

B-cycles, a bike share program in Denver that started last year. It’s really great to see all the red bikes out again now that spring has arrived.

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We love our neighborhood! To view the full album of photos taken around Capital Hill, click here.


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